Happy Birthday to You.

My little stinkin’ Lincoln is 4! I could not be more proud of who he has become, my little man. There were any days over the last couple of years when I wasn’t sure if he would say: “mama,” and … Continue reading

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Mean Old Mama Is Back.

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Yes, I haven’t been here in a while; I’ve been living under a rock blissfully for some time now. Now I have “emerged from my cocoon as a shark with a gun for a mouth.” (Points for anyone who knows … Continue reading

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Cochlear Implant Cartoons

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I’ve come across some funny cochlear implant cartoons and yes, these are true…

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Stay at Home Mom’s Vacation Has Ended

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Mama got a vacation. Woot woot y’all… And then we came home. Which is never fun after being in the sun for like 6 days, who wants to come back to darkness and Winter? Regardless, I always get a sense … Continue reading

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Stay at Home Mommy Election Day

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Today is Election Day and since I believe that voting puts the power in the hands of the people, I voted. However, Lincoln is a bit too young to understand this concept and so we find ourselves living in an … Continue reading

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Ta Da – Leprechaun Trap!

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After much hard work, “we’ve” completed our contraption. Voila! Now, that’s I’ve done all my homework, I’d like to discuss something that really frosts my cookies. (Alert: I’m going to rant!) Daylight Savings Time. I’ve decided that you should be … Continue reading

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Stay at Home Mom Doing Kid’s School Projects

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Leprechaun traps. Heard of them? They’re a thing. For real. Even Martha Stewart makes them. Maybe she learned it on house arrest or in the big house along with bubble fish tail braids on fellow inmates. I don’t know; I’m … Continue reading

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