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I am a creative, carefree mama in a button-down world.  Like all those before me, “I want to break free” (thank you Freddie Mercury) from the monotony.  With so many challenges facing moms and so little time, I am committing to post every week a new issue, adventure or fun moment, not all being equal, of course.  I am hoping that this will become a forum for us all. This is an experiment and we’ll see how it goes…


3 Responses to About

  1. bts says:

    Love your posts! So you’re trading in the fast lane for a “babymobile”? It happens to the best of families (sigh). But just wait till Linc finds out you had that super ‘Vette! He’ll be building a better one for himself for b-day #16, if Daddy doesn’t do that long before. Right now, Linc appears to be more impressed with driving his exerciser, but he’s probably already calculating gear ratios in that angelic little head. ‘Tis in the genes…


  2. Maddie says:

    Thanks for reading. There is talk of a baby go-kart being built. He’ll learn to drive before he can officially hold his head up. I guess we’ll have to hold onto the Vette a little longer.


  3. Queen Aej says:

    You’ve been nominated by me in this post: https://conqueringmyowncastle.wordpress.com/2015/04/16/liebster-award-again/ Congrats!!!! Check it out for rules and questions to answer!


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