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Musical Vacation 

We needed a day in the sun, so went to Phoenix and stumbled upon the Musical Instrument Museum (Thanks Googs for the suggestion).  My pumpkin rocked it out. Who says deaf kids don’t start bands?!??! Rain stick anyone?  Stay tuned. … Continue reading

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Creative Signing

I thought it was time to get some of Lincoln’s memorable signs down on paper. 1. The sky is thirsty. (It was raining.) 2. Moose. (Linc would sign moose and point to James even though he knew the sign for … Continue reading

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I’m Not an Addict. Maybe That’s a Lie.

Whose song was that? 🎵It’s not a habit. It’s cool. I feel alive.🎵 Remember? Well I’m living that song currently with my little chocoholic. Lincoln loved eating the Chocolate Cherry Carnival trail mix from Whole Foods. He’d eat the peanuts, … Continue reading

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Promises. Promises.

I’m coming back to blogging; I’ve taken a substantial break and I’m ready to start spewing my words of wisdom, tragic tales and showcase my son. Are you ready for year 2 of Lincoln’s life? Is there anyone still out … Continue reading

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