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We All Scream For…Donuts?!?

Like all horrible American parents, I gave my child a donut the other day, which I naively believed to be innocent. On Monday morning, we got hopped up on donuts and played at the park. Yay Memorial Day! He’s such … Continue reading

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A Stroke of Luck

After a very intense week of hearing tests and evaluations with doctors, developmental therapists and speech therapists, Linc has been diagnosed with severe hearing loss. They said he hears the equivalent of a lawnmower, but not much quieter than that. … Continue reading

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Linc’s 1st Job

If you recall, I had some pretty lofty goals for when Linc turned 1: 1. Getting off the boob. 2. Sleeping in his crib. 3. Finding a job. Well, we can now check all of these off the list, albeit … Continue reading

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Hearing Loss

After several appointments, it has been determined that our little pumpkin has significant hearing loss. This was just proof of what I had been expecting for a while now, but hearing it from the doctor was difficult, but validating. Our … Continue reading

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