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My Night With the La Leche Leaguers

Last week, I attended my local La Leche League meeting. This was my first foray into the breastfeeding circle and it was quite an education. Let me set the stage. We gathered in a parlor of a church in a … Continue reading

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Rain. Rain…

Don’t go away. This dino baby is way too cute in his raincoat.

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Will someone please buy me some proper toys? My mama is making me play with this old box!

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Godfather Duties

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Our sweet little LincE Pie is lucky enough to have his uncle Benny also be his Godfather and Marlon Brando has nothing on this Godfather. But much like asking Vito Corleone to be the Godfather, certain favors come with the … Continue reading

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There Will Be Poop

After the most recent poosplosions, I’ve decided that Daniel Day-Lewis may have had it easier with all the blood than baby poop everywhere. I’m not saying that I’d like to clean up blood, but this poop is getting awfully stinky … Continue reading

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Parenting Tip of the Week: Out-crazy The Babies

Recently, the family (Husband, Linc, Rocco and I) were laying in bed at bedtime. Linc started gleefully screaming at the top of his lungs, which sent Rocco’s supersonic ears into hyper drive. In response, he started barking and biting the … Continue reading

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The Magic Hour

You know that rare time when you get Baby to fall asleep in like 10 minutes or less? The unicorn of sleeptime occurs so infrequently that afterwards you wonder if it really happened? I call that the Magic Hour. For … Continue reading

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