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The Lunar Acrobat

By day, you sleep soundly; it’s so unfair By moon, we tango with your teddy bear I am the lone lunar acrobat Tiptoeing the creaking floorboards like a kitty cat Bouncing, swaying, rocking, nursing, repeat My princely audience waves his fists and kicks his … Continue reading

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Baby Santa Visits The Easter Bunny

After several weeks, we have caught up with Baby Santa at his visit with Hoppy, the Easter Bunny. Baby Santa did not want to draw the attention of his adoring fans, so he dressed incognito. Where’s that old so and … Continue reading

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Interview with Baby Santa Delayed

I’m not ready to discuss it yet, I’m just too sleepy.

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Baby Santa is Going to Visit Hoppy, the Easter Bunny

Off to see Hoppy; it’s been too long.

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Weaning the Baby – So Long Milk!

If my goal is for Linc to start his 1st job on 11/6/15, we better get that baby off the milk and onto the hard stuff. I wouldn’t want his workmates to make fun of him when his mom stops by … Continue reading

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Letter to The Lady, Who Calls Herself Mama

Dear Lady, I think that it’s time we got a few things straight. 1. My first language is Zenobiian. It may just sound like goos and gahs to you, but it is a complex language much too mature for your … Continue reading

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Parenting Tip For the Day: Don’t Swear At The Baby

After a few horrible nights, I have been close to the brink, but have subdued myself from shouting profanities in my little angel pie’s face.  Apparently this rules does not apply to those working on book deals. I recently discovered an author, who does not practice my … Continue reading

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